Online Oracle RAC 11gR2 Training Course Content



  • Grid Infrastructure Concepts
  • What is a Cluster
  • Grid Foundation Components
  • Oracle Clusterware Architecture
  • Oracle Clusterware Software and Storage
  • Describe ASM Architecture
  • Hardware Requirements
  • Network Requirements
  • DNS and DHCP Configuration
  • Grid Plug and Play Considerations
  • Single Client Access Names (SCAN Listener Concepts)
  • Virtual IP (VIP) Concepts


  • Create Virtual Machines
  • Linux Installation
  • Network Configuration
  • Disks Configuration
  • Pre-Requisite Cluster Configurations
  • Final System checks before Grid Installation
  • Installation of Two-node RAC Cluster along with ASM
  • Post-Installation tasks

Grid Administration

  • Administering Oracle Clusterware
  • Startup/Shutdown Sequence/Procedure
  • Crsctl/srvctl options
  • Determining the Location of the Oracle Clusterware Configuration Files
  • Managing Network Settings
  • Managing Oracle Clusterware
  • Troubleshooting Clusterware Issues
  • Background Processes Specific to Oracle RAC
  • Redo Log Files In A RAC Environment
  • Undo Tablespaces In A RAC Environment

ASM Administration

  • Administering ASM Instances
  • ASM Initialization Parameters
  • Adjusting ASM Instance Parameters in SPFILEs
  • Starting and Stopping ASM Instances Using srvctl
  • Starting and Stopping ASM Instances Using ASMCMD
  • Starting and Stopping the ASM Listener
  • Administering ASM Disk Groups
  • Creating And Deleting ASM Disk Groups
  • ASM Disk Group Attributes
  • ASM Disk Group Maintenance Tasks
  • New Disk Group Addition/Deletion and its Considerations
  • Preferred Read Failure Groups
  • Viewing ASM Disk Statistics
  • Creating and Managing ASM files, Directories and Aliases
  • Administering ASM Cluster File Systems
  • Managing ASM Volumes
  • New disks addition and deletion from a¬†Disk Group and its considerations
  • ASM Disk Management

Node Management

  • Adding a Node to existing two-node cluster
  • Deleting a Node from existing three-node cluster


  • Managing Backup and Recovery for RAC Components
  • Archived Log File Configurations
  • Archived Redo File Conventions in RAC
  • Backing Up and Recovering the Voting Disk
  • Locating the OCR Automatic Backups
  • Oracle Local Registry

Cluster Services

  • Configure and Manage Services in a RAC environment
  • Using Cluster Services with Client Applications
  • Managing Services From the Command Line
  • Maximum Availability Architecture


  • Rolling Patches
  • Installing¬†a Patch with the opatch Utility


  • Clone from RAC to Non-RAC Database
  • Clone from RAC to RAC Database.