Oracle Applications 11i/R12 Architecture

Introduction to Oracle 11i/R12 E-Business Suite

Introduction to Oracle Applications technology stack

Oracle Applications 11i/R12 single node and multi-node architecture

Oracle Applications Overview

Oracle Applications File System

Oracle Applications Environment files

Applications Accessibility

Single/Multi-node Startup and shutdown procedures

Oracle Applications 11i/R12 Installations

Overview of installation process

Installing and configuring Oracle Application 11i/R12

Installing and configuring Oracle Application 11i/R12

Oracle Apps 11i/R12 Patch Administrations

Patching Activities

Applying a Patch

Shared Appl_Top Patching

Single node Patching

Multi-node Patching

Patch History

Patch troubleshooting

Oracle Apps 11i/R12 System Administrator

Managing Applications Security

Managing Concurrent programs and Reports

Administering Concurrent Managers

Manage Profile Options

Creation of Users

Assigning Responsibilities to users

Managing Users Profile Options

Maintaining Oracle Apps 11i/R12 Utilties

AD Utilities Concept

Administering AD Utilities

Using AD Administration

Autoconfig Utility

Autoconfig Customization


Oracle Applications 11i/R12 Cloning

Cloning Oracle Application Using Manual AD Clone and Rapid Clone Methods

Cloning troubleshooting

Single-Single node cloning

Multi-Single node cloning

Multi-Multi node cloning

DB Refresh

Hot Cloning Procedures

Performance Tuning

Oracle Apps Health checks

Routine/ Daily tasks

Tracing forms and concurrent program session


We will provide direct access to our server to each trainee with individual logins.

Installation, Patching and Cloning will be shown in the training session and will let trainees to do it on their own by connecting to our servers


Three Weeks

Course Fee

Course fee will be $500, which can be paid through your credit card to our PayPal account.