I History of Oracle RAC

1. History

2. Oracle Parallel Server Architecture

3. Components of Oracle Parallel Server Architecture

4. Limitations of Oracle Parallel Server Architecture

II . Evaluation of RAC

1. RAC Architecture

2. Difference between Single instance Vs RAC Environment

3. Components of RAC

4. Oracle Clusterware

5. Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR)

6. Cluster Synchronization Service (CSS)

7. Booting of Oracle Clusterware

III Fresh install & configuration of RAC


1. Install LINUX O/S

2. Configuring Public, Private and Virtual I/P’s

3. Configuring Hang Check timer

4. Creation of Oracle user & Groups and Setting environmental variable

5. Configuring SSH

6. Configuring storage for database

7. Configuring OCFS for Voting & OCR storage

8. Install CRS

9. Install Database Software

10. Configuring ASM & Creating Database

IV . Background Process in RAC

1. LMS- Global Cache Service

2. LMON – Global Eneque Service & Monitor

3. LMD – Global Eneque Service Daemon

4. LCK – Instance Eneque Processes


V. RAC Administration

( Database files in RAC )


VI . RAC Administration OCR & Voting disk

1. Administration through SRVCTL

2. Administration through CRSCTL

3. Checking OCR Integrity

4. Dumping OCR to a file

5. Managing & Maintaining OCR

6. Adding and Removing Voting Disk

7. Backup and Recovery of OCR & Voting Disk

8. Recover OCR & Voting disk without any Backup

VII. Cache Fusion

1. Introduction to Cache Fusion

2. Cache Fusion walk through (DEMO)

3. Different Scenarios of Cache Fusion

a. Current Read with no Transfer

b. Read to Write Transfer

c. Write to Write Transfer

d. Write to Read Transfer

VIII. RAC Troubleshooting

Log Directories on Each Instance

Log Directories in Oracle RDBMS

Node Eviction Issues

Split Brain Syndrome (Cause)

I/O Fencing

Patching Oracle RAC Instances

Converting existing single Node.


Using DBCA

XI. Cloning of RAC (ASM) to Non RAC (Non ASM)

XII. Adding and Deleting Nodes on Instances

XIII. Failover & Load Balancing. Service Creation using (DBCA)

XIV. Introduction to 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure

XV. Changes in 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure

XVI. Booting Sequence of Oracle Grid Infrastructure

XVII. Interview Preparation


3 Weeks